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Making waves on social media

Celly Entertainment is dedicated to bringing sports to life on social media. As the founder of the Terminators Hockey Club (Posted on NHL, TSN, Sportsnet, Sports Center, Bardown, Bleacher Report, ESPN, Spittin Chiclets & More) I got tired of seeing low quality clips of the game I love circulation around social media. I had a plan to bring the game to life by adding commentary to our games and filming it ourselves in 4k. This caught on really quickly on social media, and I want to bring this to other teams and organizations as it has really brought a whole new level to the game for us.
It changed the game for us, and I want to help change the game for you!
In a world of social media, this will bring excitement to all the players knowing that they will get to watch themselves back in high quality and use clips for their own social media!


Minor League & Adult League Packages


This is how it all started! Messing around with the camera at our own mens league games and bringing it back home to edit and do voice overs, what once was a fun little hobby exploded into what it is today!


The latest trend that is catching on, the original team who started this all, there is nothing better for a minor hockey player then seeing their highlights in 4K 60fps. Add our rapidly growing YouTube / Tiktok Tok and already established instagram, and we have your social media needs covered!


One of our most dominant services is tournaments. Bring us out to your tournament and watch it come to life!

We have followed a few teams in different tournaments throughout the years, but the most notable is the 3on3 classic, covering 50+ games with them every year. 

Celly entertainment is a dream for any tournament organizer who wants to instantly become relavent in the media world


Every time we go to film a game, we are snapping pics in the warmups which is an added bonus to the video. Check out our photo albums tab above to see the pics we've done. Here's a few to showcase on the main page


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